Our Accessories

We have a selections of Accessories that will fit your waterfront needs! From comfortable benches and fishing rod holders, to fuel funnel systems and storage boxes, from diving boards for your pontoons and ladders for easy entry and exit of your dock or pontoon, we have a selection of accessories to fit both necessities and excitement for your waterfront equipment usage to last many years to come.  

LilliPad Marine 

Diving Board:
– LilliPad Diving Boards can be installed on nearly any boat 18 feet in length or larger with a solid, flat surface for installation. Popular boats include pontoons, houseboats, motor yachts, and cabin cruisers with integrated swim platforms. Available in a variety of colors and easy storage capability, a LilliPad Diving Board is a fun filled way to bring excitement to your boating experience. 

Fuel Funnel:
– Fueling your watercraft should NOT be a challenge. With a LilliPad Marine Funnel system, you can transfer 5 gallons of gas in less than 50 seconds without spilling a drop and at a comfortable position on your dock! In addition, you wont find yourself replacing your marine funnel anytime soon as LilliPad Marine products are built to last!

Revo Ladder
– The LilliPad Revo Ladder is an award winning innovation that sets the bar for comfort and functionality offering an unrivaled array of features and benefits. From ergonomically positions steps to an impressive 48″ deep drop that folds effortlessly out of the water when stowed, this is a ladder for your dock and pontoon you’ve always wanted. 

RGC Marine

Dock System Accessories: 
– Bumpers for both your dock corner and vertical bumpers for dock side mooring. 
– Kayak Rack.
– Aluminum Powder Coated Bench
– Dock Railing
– 10″ Cleats
– Dock corner for your RCG dock system
– Ladder (Available in 3 and 4 step)
– Stairs (Available in 30″ width and 3-10 step)

Lift System Accessories:
– Canopies (Available in a variety of frame sizes and canopy colors)
– Seagull Eliminator for your canopy
– Full Length Guide-Ons
– Vertical Foam and PVC Guide Posts 
– Complete Transport Kit for easy installation and removal
– Transport wheels for installation and removal
– Bow Stop
– Motor Stop
– Solar Power Kits to re-charge 12V or 24V DC powered lifts 

Bulmann Dock and Lift

Dock System Accessories:
– Bench (Available in 48″, 64″ and 96″ lengths)
– Armrest Cup Holder for your bench (Wine glass inserts available)
– Corner wedge 
– Kayak Rack
– Stand Up Paddle Board Rack
– Ladder (Available in 3, 4 and 5 step)
– Stairs (Ask for more details)
– Dock Step Down Bracket
– Power Pedestal
– Utility Channel (Secures cords and hoses under your dock)
– Bumpers for both your dock corner and vertical bumpers for dock side mooring.
– Fold-Dock Cleat
– Bird Stop Posts (To prevent birds from landing on your pier)
– Flower Box
– Shepherds Hook
– Flag Pole
– Dock Box (For storage)
– Solar Lights for dock lighting

Lift System Accessories:
– Canopies (Available in a variety of frame sizes and canopy colors)
– Bird Stop Posts for your canopy
– V-Haul Ultimate Guide and Bow Stop
– Pontoon Ultimate Guide and Bow Stop
– 8 Post Guides
– Bow Stop
– Motor Stop
– Ultimate Guide Step for easy access getting in and off your boat
– Wheel Brackets and Spindles for installation and removal
– Complete Wheel Kit for easy installation and removal

Redin Waterfront Equipment:
– Custom Benches 6’+ width (Multiple color options available)(Can be made to fit most docks on today’s market)
– Custom Cup Holders available to match your custom bench
– Kayak Launch to easily launch your Kayak from your pier
– Kayak Ramp to easily launch your Kayak from your shoreline
– Equipment Stand (Fits Kayaks, Canoes, Paddle Boards, ETC)

– Rod Holder
– Ladders (Available in multiple styles and sizes)

– Dock Lighting (Available for multiple pier styles)
– Canopy Cover Replacement (Available for many different brand lift canopy frames in many different colors)
– Canopy