About Our Docks

We have a selections of docks that will fit your waterfront needs! From removable piers as required for larger lakes such as Lake Winnebago to permanent piers for smaller lakes and channels, we have a selection of piers to fit both necessities while still providing a clean, modern efficient pier for years to come.  

RGC Marine

Truss Dock Features: 
– Durable, rugged construction that can withstand heavy traffic but light weight for easy removal at the end of the season.
– Adaptable and adjustable configuration to best suit your space and waterfront access.
– Easy-to-adjust screw legs mean quick, simple tweaks can be made to account for fluctuating water levels without having to get in the water.

Heavy Duty Pile Driven Dock Features:
– The easiest configuration for combinations of a whole fleet of watercraft, from pontoon boats and PWCs to seaplanes.
– A wide variety of width options to securely and attractively fit into any marina or slip.
– A luxuriously long 20′ span between legs or pilings.
– An industry-favored reputation – youll find RGC heavy duty docks in most commercial marinas.

Bulmann Dock and Lift

Dock Features:
– The most modular dock on the market today, this dock system can fit almost any configuration you could possibly desire and make for easy installation and removal.
– Side rail bolt slots make it easy to rearrange the dock without drilling possible.
– Available tops come in 4′ and 6′ widths. Available lengths are 4′, 6′, 7′, 8′ or 10′ as well as left and right angle sections.